‘Bahut Hua Samman’ actor Sanjay Mishra says, “People are watching my film on OTT”

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The comedy film “Bahot Hua Samman” starring Sanjay Mishra was released on Disney Plus Hotstar recently. These days Sanjay Mishra is shooting the movie “Qutub Minar” in Uttarakhand (India). The shooting experiences between the new normal and the conversation with them about these films.

What is the shooting experience in the new normal?

Sanjay said “The name of the film he is shooting in Uttarakhand is the “Qutub Minar” movie. In this new normal, producers and directors are all trying to work at least in the unit. The crowd on the first set increased, now it is being avoided. Even during shooting, there is an attempt to maintain a physical distance, but not every shot is possible. After the lockdown, we have also finished shooting the film ‘ That three days ‘ in Banaras. The shooting was stalled due to lockdown.”

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He replied “Artists are stereotyped in our industry. As he has been doing, the same kind of characters is offered again and again. The concept of the film always inspires me to do films. So, I am able to do a variety of characters. Ashish Shukla, director of ‘ Very Much Respect ‘, is a very stylish director. I have made this first such film in my entire career.”

What motivates you to choose a different kind of character for yourself in such a long career?

sanjay mishra on bahut hua samman
A scene from the film

Don’t need star power on digital, do you feel it?

Sanjay Mishra said “Star power is a different thing. You need a person in the film in whose name people come to the cinema and become a star. Now, the purpose of digital has been what should be the content? Now people ask what is the story? Now there is a story between people, not the story of another world. First, if the hero’s mother becomes pregnant, the producer will be driven, but now a film like ‘ Congratulations ‘ was made and liked.”

He liked the concept of OTT. He is also watching films that may not have been seen by people in the theatre. Watching films and dramas together with family members is a cultural experience. This culture should not end.

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