bjp rally in caa support

BJP Rally in CAA Support: Amit Shah says Congress has not allowed Ram Mandir to be built

BJP Rally in CAA Support: Amit Shah says Congress has not allowed Ram Mandir to be built, BJP will make in 3 months

On the side of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has held a provincial rally at Ramkatha Park in the capital’s Bangla Bazar zone on Tuesday. India’s Union Home Minister Amit Shah landed at the gathering to go to attend the rally. Amit Shah starts his address with Bharat Mata Jay. He previously focused on the opposition parties.

Amit Shah said that Modiji came up with the Citizenship Amendment Act and against it, Rahul Baba and Co., Mamata, Akhilesh, sister Mayawati began to make a bark against the CAA. When the Congress was there, Shri Ram Mandir was not allowed to be in Ayodhya. If you chose Modiji, the skyscraper is going to be the Ramalla temple in 3 months.

I challenge, opposition to have a public debate on CAA.

Addressing the gathering, Amit Shah said that this ‘ Jan Jagran Abhiyan ‘ is an awakening campaign of the people against the propaganda. Propaganda against the CAA is being propagated that the bill will go to the citizenship of Muslims. I challenge that you choose the forum, I am ready to debate this issue.

Amit Shah stated that minorities are being oppressed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This has been going on since freedom. At the point when the nation got autonomous, India became two bits of the mother based on religion due to the transgression of Congress. On July 16, 1947, the Congress party passed the goals and acknowledged the division based on religion.

He said that the blind and ear deaf people of these eyes are not showing atrocities on minorities there. Afghanistan and Pakistan are not seeing atrocities on people in their country, Kashmir. I have come to Lucknow today to say on the dumper injury that the CAA is not going to return to what you have to do.

Whatever the point of interest of the country, Congress has to oppose it.

The Union home minister of India said that Mahatama Gandhiji had said that the Hindus of Pakistan could come to India at whatever point they need. J Nehru likewise said the equivalent. Indira Gandhi had likewise said that Bangladesh minorities had supported for a billet, however, the Congress wouldn’t like to tune in.

He said that I might want to state to Mamata Didi, who has originated from outside Bengali exploited people, what is your trouble in giving citizenship to them. That is the thing that you are doing when you are doing it, yet Modi Ji is contradicting something very similar.

Whatever may be the interest of the country, they have to oppose them. He said that the mistake made by Jawaharlal Nehru was corrected by Modi Ji on 5th August 2019. Today, Article 370 withdrawals from Kashmir are going to end terrorism. He said the triple talaq was not in Muslim countries but was kept steady here. It also ended in Modiji.

#BJP Rally In CAA Support

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