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Bloodshot Movie Review: Vin Diesel’s film loaded with Action

Bloodshot Movie Review: Fully loaded with action but failed to capture the audience attention

After the third part of Marvel Studio’s superhero films are over, Sony Pictures has launched a film that does not appear to be a superhero film in any way. Bloodshot is released in India on 13th March in India, directed by David S. F. Wilson.

Let’s see what is special about the Bloodshot movie spoiler-free review in this film and we should see it or not.

First of all, let us make it clear that if you are a fan of Vin Diesel, then this film is a must-watch for you and if you are not a fan of Vin Diesel and only you watch the movie to watch action then this film is also your must-watch It is made.

Because the film is full of action, but not so great that we praise those actions. In the sequence of the last action of this film, we get a completely CGI effect, here we see the character flying in the air just like the Spider-Man.

bloodshot poster
Bloodshot film poster

Story Of Bloodshot Movie

Apart from this, look at the plot of the film, which is shown to us in the trailer of the film is exactly the same. Here the focus in the film is on Vin Diesel’s character Ray Garrison, a soldier who has died and he has been rekindled from death. After this, they keep scorching in the fire of revenge, which is the revenge they have to take for the death of their wife.

But they come to know that they have kept only one program in their company. The company repeatedly erases the same memory and makes a lot of updates in them like removing things from the space and making a complete change of Ray’s memory. So that Ray would go after the person due to his wife’s death.

But every time the company does this with Ray, after this, some problems are created. After this Ray garrison, whose name is also bloodshot in the film, rebels against the company. And then to know what happens next, you have to see Vin diesel’s film Bloodshot.

The full story of the film has been told in the trailer of this film, which is really disappointing. Because apart from this we don’t get to see anything other than just action and violence in this film.

If you want to compare this film, then we can compare this film with the remake of the 2014 movie Robocop. Because there is no difference of any angle in both the movies. Still, if you are planning to watch this film, then there is nothing to see other than the action in this film.

Watch the Bloodshot Official Trailer


Now let us talk about the Bloodshot cast, so everyone’s acting in this film was okay because no characters are shown carefully so that we can connect with those characters of the film.

Sony Pictures made the film only for Vin Diesel. And to tell the truth, the performance of Vin Diesel did not make any sense either.

But among all this, you will be asked to choose any best actor, that is Lamorne Morris. His performance and speaking style are very good. Rather, he was the only actor in the entire film whose connection has been associated with the audience and he has also managed to make the audience laugh.

The new director of this film is David S. F. Wilson who did not show anything special or different in terms of making the film.

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