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Bollywood Celebrity Nicolo Morea – Biography, Photos, Instagram, Wife, Age, News, Brother, Many More

Bollywood Actor Nicolo Morea – Biography, Photos, Instagram, Wife, Age, Latest News

Nicolo Morea is one of the finest actors in North India. He has acted in some of the Bollywood movies. Nicolo is also a proprietor of a restaurant company.

He was conceived in Bengaluru in Karnataka (India). He is the sibling of the popular and handsome Indian Bollywood entertainer Dino Morea who is likewise a model and a filmmaker.

Nicolo Morea Education

Nicolo Morea’s family moved to Bengaluru, Karnataka in the year 1975 for an acting career. Nicolo Morea completed his studies from Bangalore Military School. However later he got took on Clarence High School.

After that he joined St. Joseph’s College which is situated to Bengaluru for his advanced education. Nicolo Morea is very much energetic about making a career in the Restaurant field. He has begun an inn the board business and running it effectively. To sharpen his aptitudes in this craftsmanship.

He also did a course at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education in the International School of Hotel Management office. This establishment is situated in Mollen’s in Valais, Switzerland.

He was in this school from the year 1991 till the year 1994 and spent significant time in the administration division. In January of the year 2009, Nicolo Morea started a hospitality administration named Afterhours Hospitality.

He is as yet maintaining this among his different businesses and organizations.

Nicolo Morea Family

Nicolo Morea is a brother of a Bollywood actor Dino Morea. Nicolo and Dino Morea have another sibling who is more youthful and his name is Santino Morea. He is a model and a music video star. He was born and brought up by a Malayali mother – Edna Morea. His dad’s name is Ronnie Morea who is Italian.

His place is perfect for meeting, and it likewise has an extraordinary bar. It is situated in Bandra in Mumbai locality (India). This bar is known as The Elbow Room.

Nicolo is the executive of Afterhours Hospitality. While beginning this Café or Restaurant, his brother Dino Morea was the main thrust. He helped Nicolo in propelling the lodgings and in helping the administration. Their full family are well-wishers to one another and support each other.


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