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Delhi Violence: Delhi Police’s Handling of Riots Raises Many Questions

Delhi violence – Delhi Police’s handling of Riots raises many questions, here are the points

India has seen extreme revolting and brutality in the Indian Capital Delhi even as hostile to CAA fights and roadblocks seem to have activated riots in Northeast Delhi this week. In which endured the worst part of rough conflicts and mobs. #Delhi Violence

However, a more intensive take a gander at the chain of viciousness and brutal riots that it was not unconstrained. Yet very much arranged and composed.

Unmistakably the Delhi Police and the secret agencies by one way or another neglected to check the degree of dangers in the territory of India and read the dismal indications of approaching violence.

While Monday and Tuesday saw exceptional riots, the arrangements had begun on Sunday itself with regards to the United States of America President Donald Trump’s India visit. Disrupting his India visit and snatching features in the worldwide media was one of their political objectives.

Duplicating the vile Shaheen Bagh protest model, the counter CAA lawbreakers had blocked Road no. 66 in Jaffrabad (Delhi) and had likewise pelted stones at a CAA Supported rally did by Kapil Mishra in Maujpur (Delhi) on Sunday. A similar region that saw extreme violence and the death of a Delhi Police Head Constable on Monday.

Delhi Police and other concerned specialists appear to have obviously thought little of the gravity of the circumstance which had begun to fall apart from Sunday itself.


In medium-term fight close, Jaffrabad Metro Station on Sunday by almost 500 Muslim ladies had prompted Delhi Metro to shut the section and leave entryways of the metro station. The careful step unmistakably didn’t coordinate the gravity of the circumstance.

Delhi Metro stations are found rather intently. Shutting a solitary metro station wouldn’t work, when plenty of Metro Stations in comprehensively a similar district stay usable.

The course of the Metro line going towards Maujpur-Baburpur and Jaffrabad (Delhi) was reduced later when savagery had taken grasp of the area. Had the metro line been closed somewhere around Delhi Police and DMRC on Sunday itself, the inflow of enormous groups into the influenced zones could have been forestalled.

Delhi Police is presently taking some strict measures. The dissent locales which appear to have been abetting savagery, in any case, have been cleared at this point.


However, almost 17 lives have just been lost at this point. Delhi Police itself has endured extraordinary harm. The inquiry that emerges is what was halting the police for such a long time?

Either the Delhi Police needed more investigation contributions to provide for the higher-ups or the higher-ups didn’t give severe requests straightaway. Had the Delhi Police accompany inputs that coordinated the scale and force of violence and riots. It is profoundly impossible that the higher-ups wouldn’t have played it safe.

#Delhi Violence

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