dolittle movie review

Dolittle movie review: Robert Downey Jr’s movie is entertaining

Dolittle movie review: Robert Downey Jr. movie Dolittle may be enough to entertain very young viewers

All of the time favorite, Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. has once again been in the audience as ‘Doctor Doolittle’ after the film ‘Avengers Endgame’.

And it has to be said that Stephen Gaghan directed that he is in his entire form in this film. The biggest strength of the film is its fun dialogue and its cinematography.

This ‘Do little‘ is actually a reboot of the ‘ Doctor do Little ‘ series films (presenting an old story in a new fashion). Talking about the history of the series, while the film’s musical transformation, released in the year 1967, was rejected by the audience, the film ‘Doctor Doolittle’, which was starred by Eddie Murphy, was appreciated in the year 1998.

This is followed by a sequel to the film, “Dr. Doolittle 2” and three spinoffs (a film that extends the life of one of the main film characters) ‘Dr. The films ‘ Dolittle 3 ‘, ‘ Tail to the Chief ‘, and ‘ Million Dollar Mats ‘ were also released.

Arguably the story of Thomas Shepherd’s written ‘Dolittle’ is not vicious, penny… It is very simple and intuitive. Yes, one thing is certain, the way to show it on the cinematic screen is very innocent and heart-touching. It has the innocence of old-age films that are rarely seen in new films.

In the film, we meet Dr. Doolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), who is deeply saddened by the death of his wife Lily. He lives with some animals in a bungalow given by Queen Victoria (Jessica Bakli) of England and has not met anyone for many years.

He is so oblivious to the world that some animals have made a home in his grown beard! Suddenly, one day the news comes that Queen Victoria is very sick.

After a while, Dr. Dolittle agrees to go to the Queen. Talking to an octopus imprisoned in the aquarium there, they find that Queen Victoria has been poisoned. But who? This is the secret that opens the next story.

dolittle movie

Robert Downey Jr. has done a good job in terms of acting. Harry Colette has also done a great job in the character of Doolittle’s aide Tommy Stubbins.

It is, in any case, rather unpleasant not to finish strong, so I should state this film would work incredibly as foundation interruptions at a drop in the Child’s play day. Loads of splendid hues and talking creatures and fart jokes. Make of that what you will.

Watching the film, you sometimes miss films like ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean ‘ and ‘ Jungle Book ‘.

The film never passes through the trail of adventures, sometimes stays on the options of comedy, sometimes in the dew of emotions. After it is over, you take a lovely smile. In the English version of the film, stars like John Sea, Rami Malek, Tom Hollande, and Selena Gotable have given their voices.

The Hindi dubbed version of the film is also very interesting in which Rajesh Khattar has dubbed for Robert Downey Jr.

Watch the trailer of Dolittle movie

Cast and Crew:- Robert Downey Jr, Emma Thompson, Tom Holland, Michael Sheen, Antonio Banderas

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