donald trump introduced the middle-east plan

Donald Trump Introduced the Middle-East Plan – Israel told Historic, Palestine Rejected

Donald Trump introduced the Middle-East plan – Israel told Historic, Palestine rejected

United States President Donald Trump gave a two-country key to end the progressing fight among Israel and Palestine. He proposed to make Jerusalem the unified capital of Israel in the Middle East Peace plan, which Palestine dismissed toward the end.

Donald Trump portrayed the arrangement as notable and demonstrated that it was the “last solution” to the debate.

In the White House with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US President gave a two-country answer for one of the longest-standing questions on the planet. He said that this will bring harmony and no Israeli or Palestinian needs to go out.

Trump didn’t state that Jerusalem would remain the unified capital of Israel which would be significant. Trump has recommended that the Israeli settlement in the locale will be ended for a long time and the area of Palestine will be multiplied.

For Palestine, Trump proposed to make East Jerusalem the capital and offered to set up a US embassy there. He appealed to Palestine to accept the agreement and establish peace in the region. Terming the plan as historic and the biggest agreement of the century, he claimed that his proposal was supported by world leaders.

Trump said it is a historic opportunity for Palestine to become an independent state and has written to President Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, described Trump’s plan as a historic day for Israel and likened it to the then President Harry Truman on 14th May, 1948 when he became the first leader to recognize Israel. He said that all other plans where they have failed, this plan is very balanced. He said that he is now ready to enter into a peace agreement with Palestine on this basis.

Palestine Rejects Plan

No Palestinian official was present there while the ambassadors of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Baharan were in the White House.

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas rejected US President’s plan at the end. He said he would not bow down and continue to oppose Israel in a peaceful manner. The White House has also issued a statement saying that Palestine can help for the development of the agreement and the region by placing it in front of it.

Decision On the Hands Of Isreal and Palestine

Trump said the US will form a joint committee with Israel and a detailed map would be prepared so that the plan can be landed soon. At the same time, areas will be developed within Palestine so that steps like eliminating terror can be taken.

The White House said in its statement that the decision to take major steps to end the political deadlock, compromise, establish peace and make economic development come true is in the hands of the leaders of Israel and Palestine.

The US Prepares Budget

President Donald Trump additionally said that his roadmap also has a budget of US $50 Billion to help the Palestinian economy. The refugee’s people of Palestine will be given the decision to settle in the nation where they are living in Palestine, or in a 3rd nation.

He said that more than the area, the arrangement is additionally significant for Palestine for the advancement of Haifa and Ashdod ports, resorts on the northern region of the dead Sea and improvement of agriculture in the Jordan Valley.

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