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Emma Mackay ‘Sex Education’ Star Wants Fans To Stop Comparing Her With Margot Robbie

Emma Mackay ‘Sex Education’ Star Wants Fans To Stop Comparing Her With Margot Robbie

The actress star of Netflix’s web series “Sex EducationEmma Mackey told the media that she “wishes audience would quit comparing her to Margot Robbie”.

She told, “I really simply don’t see it by any means”. “Like, it’s exquisite to be contrasted with Margot Robbie, however, for the most part, I’d preferably people pointed around the works that we’re both doing as opposed to what we resemble or look alike.”

The look of the two on-screen characters is certain, with the Independent expressing that “they have similar high cheekbones, impressive foreheads, and square jaw. They absolutely look like each other”. However, Mackey is worn out on the examination and accepts the film business experiences gives over and over.

Emma Mackay said, “Hollywood Industry produces star who appears to be identical and we love to place individuals in boxes”. “It’s only a thing that we do as an animal variety, we arrange people, we generally have.”

emma mackay in sex education
Emma Mackey stars in season 2 of “Sex Education”

Clearly, this is not the first event when that Mackey has heard the correlation. Margot Robbie has even remarked on it herself. In a meeting with BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb, Robbie conceded that she was confused with Netflix’s web series “Sex Education” actress at The Apple Pan burger joint.

Robbie said, “Somebody came up to me and I was eating a burger”. “What’s more, they compared I cherished you in ‘Sex Education,’ that show is so cool, we just began watching it. And I resembled ‘I’m so grieved, it’s not me.”

After that reacting to a clasp of that video with BBC Radio 1’s Greg James, Mackey said “I simply love the ‘Gracious, sorry, it’s not me’ – So Sweet. It simply made me giggle.

Its like a running joke currently, as have Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey been found in a similar room? In any case, every one of the individuals who realize me well doesn’t see it by any means. Be that as it may, I’ll take it !”

Emma Mackey is a French star. Since 2019, she has featured as Maeve Wiley in the Netflix web series “Sex Education”. Mackey stars in the Netflix satire show arrangement Sex Education as Maeve Wiley, a sharp and business-adroit “miscreant” who persuades a kindred understudy to begin an underground sex treatment business at their school.

Sex Education is Mackey’s first significant TV series. She has gotten positive reviews gathering for her performance.

Here is the Emma Mackey reaction to Margot Robbie

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