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Swamitva Scheme Launched: See Latest Annoucements, Registeration, Requirements & Process

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Swamitva scheme towards transforming rural India and empowering millions of Indians. It has started distributing property cards to property owners. The villagers will now be able to use the land property as financial property. About one lakh property holders will be able to download their property cards through SMS links on their mobile phones.

Thereafter, the physical distribution of property cards will be done by the concerned state governments.

Swamitva Scheme Lates Updates

  • PM Modi said “The people who are involved in looting the country, the country is now recognizing. These people are blindly opposing everything. They are not poor, not villages and not the country. These people want to stop the development of the country. They don’t want villages, farmers, labor brothers and sisters to become self-reliant (Aatmanirbhar).”
  • Farmers and farm laborers who are suffering from facilities like insurance, pension are today opposed to agricultural reforms, but farmers are not ready to go with them, farmers have come to know their truth.
  • For decades, millions of families in the village did not have their own homes. Today, about 2 crore poor families of the village have got Pucca houses. For decades, the village was deprived of poor gas connections. Today, the house of the poor has also reached the gas connection. For six decades, millions of families in the village were deprived of toilets. Today, there are also toilets in the house. For six decades, crores of people in the village were deprived of bank accounts. These accounts are now open.
  • One-third of the population in the world legally has a record of their property, two-thirds of the people all over the world do not have it. For a developing country like India, it is very important that people have a correct record of their property: PM Modi
  • There are so many youths in the village who want to do something on their own, but even at home, they had to face difficulties in getting loans from the bank in the name of their home. By displaying property cards made under the ownership scheme, banks were ensured to get loans very easily.

Today you have a right, a legal document that your home is yours, you will remain… The scheme is going to bring about a historic change in the villages of our country: PM Modi

Big experts from all over the world have been emphasizing that land and homeownership have a big role to play in the development of the country. When a property is recorded, when the property is owned, confidence among citizens increases.

He also said “I congratulate one lakh people who have received the property card of their homes today who have downloaded their cards. The country has taken another major step in the self-reliant India campaign today. Ownership scheme will help our brothers and sisters living in villages to become self-reliant.”

PM Modi is currently interacting with beneficiaries of the ownership scheme. He launched the distribution of property cards under the ownership scheme in 763 villages in 6 states through video conferencing. Panchayati Raj Minister Narendra Singh Tomar was also present in the event.

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