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‘The World Knows About Pakistan’s Double Standards’, says India

‘The World Knows About Pakistan’s Double Standards’, says India on the most recent argument on Imran Khan

India on Thursday 23rd Jan again pointed out on Pakistan for attempting to make a scaremonger circumstance in Pakistan and said that the world comprehends its twofold norms.

The Ministry of External Affairs Of India (MEA) representative Raveesh Kumar said on Thursday that “Pakistan’s endeavor to make a doomsayer situation in Jammu and Kashmir fizzled. The worldwide network comprehends it’s twofold (Dogla) benchmarks.”

Talking about United States Of America President Donald Trump’s idea to intercede on the Jammu and Kashmir issue, Raveesh Kumar stated, “Our situation on the Kashmir issue and outsider intervention has been exceptionally clear and steady. Let me emphasize that there is no job for any outsider in this issue.”

However, the MEA representative put the onus on Pakistan to make a favorable domain to hold conversations on respective issues between the 2 nations.

He said “On the off chance that there are any reciprocal issues among India and Pakistan, that should be examined. It ought to be done between the two nations under provisions of the Shimla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration. In any case, the onus is on Pakistan to make such helpful conditions – liberated from fear, antagonistic vibe and violence.”

India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to UN Nagaraj Naidu had before targeted Pakistan at the United Nations for raking up the Kashmir issue at the worldwide discussion.

“Much the same as a fish takes to water, one designation has again taken to detest discourse. Each time this assignment talks, it regurgitates venom and bogus stories of grand extents,” Naidu said at a session of the UN General Assembly on ‘Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization’.

The Indian representative’s solid reply came after Saad Ahmed Warraich, Counselor at Pakistan crucial the United Nation, raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir in his comments during the session, saying no other circumstance mirrors the “resignation” of the UN’s duty to release its duties more than the decades-old Jammu and Kashmir issue.

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